Food menu


1. Onion soup with croutons and cheese


2. Liver pate, cranberries, toasted toast


3. Natural salmon on olive oil200 g

Salmon fillet with skin. Salmo salar. Comes from breeding. Country of origin Norway. Gear category: purse seines and gillnets.

Minutes from Czech young bulls

4. Sirloin steak on colored pepper200 g

Real sirloin

5. Sirloin steak with herb butter200 g

Real sirloin

6. Beef tartare, 10 halves of toast200 g

Real sirloin

Minutes from pork tenderloin

7. Medallions on green pepper150 g

Only from Czech piglets

8. Řízek Ondráš150 g

Only from Czech piglets

9. Smažený řízek150 g

Only from Czech piglets

Minutes from chicken breasts

10. Smažený řízek150 g

We debone ourselves from Czech chickens

11. Natural steak150 g

We debone ourselves from Czech chickens

Vegetarian food

12. Fried Eidam cheese100 g


13. Mixed salad with Feta cheese200 g

Meals for children

14. Chicken strips/french fries2 Ks/100g


15. Ham

Ham, tomato sugo, cheese

16. Salami

Italian salami, tomato sugo, cheese

17. Cheese

Gorgonzola, mozzarella, eidam, parmesan, tomato sugo

Side dishes

18. French fries200 g

19. Croquettes200 g

20. Cooked potatoes200 g

21. Rice200 g

22. Fresh vegetables200 g

Cold sauces

23. Tartar sauce50 g

24. Ketchup50 g

25. Sweet chilli50 g

Delicacies for beer and vine

27. Bohemia Potato Chips70 g

28. Roasted almonds,(warm)50 g

29. Homemade fried potato chips (warm)150g