Food menu


1. Onion soup with croutons and cheese

Warm starter

2. Gypsy toast


3. Natural salmon on olive oil250 g

Salmon fillet with skin. Salmo salar. Comes from breeding. Country of origin Norway. Gear category: purse seines and gillnets.

Minutes from Czech young bulls

4. Sirloin steak on colored pepper200 g

Real sirloin

5. Sirloin steak with herb butter200 g

Real sirloin

6. Beef tartare, 10 halves of toast200 g

Real sirloin

Minutes from pork tenderloin

7. Medallions on green pepper150 g

Only from Czech piglets

8. Řízek Ondráš150 g

Only from Czech piglets

9. Smažený řízek150 g

Only from Czech piglets

Minutes from chicken breasts

10. Smažený řízek150 g

We debone ourselves from Czech chickens

11. Natural steak150 g

We debone ourselves from Czech chickens

Vegetarian food

12. Fried Eidam cheese100 g


13. Mixed salad with Feta cheese200 g

Meals for children

14. Chicken strips/french fries2 Ks/100g


15. Ham

Ham, tomato sugo, cheese

16. Salami

Italian salami, tomato sugo, cheese

17. Cheese

Gorgonzola, mozzarella, eidam, parmesan, tomato sugo

18. Gladiator

Bacon, onion, piri piri peppers, smoked cheese, tomato sugo, oregan

Side dishes

19. French fries200 g

20. Croquettes200 g

21. Cooked potatoes200 g

22. Rice200 g

23. Fresh vegetables200 g

Cold sauces

24. Tartar sauce50 g

25. Ketchup50 g

26. Sweet chilli50 g

Delicacies for beer and vine

27. Bohemia Potato Chips70 g

28. Roasted almonds,(warm)50 g

29. Homemade fried potato chips (warm)150g